Flinders Ranges By Bike (FRBB) South Australia – Introdction

The Flinders Ranges by Bike (FRBB) is a fantastic five-day Mountain Bike ride in the South Australia Outback.

Located in the northern part of South Australia the region has extream weather throughout the year which must be understood before commencing the trip. You can, of course, ride the FRBB in four days or less depending on your fitness and speed or blitz the 210-kilometre route non-stop as part of an annual race.

FRBB - South Australia Gum trees can drop branches at anytime
FRBB -Only place to prop the bike up, but South Australia Gum trees can drop branches at any time!

We wanted to take our time, take photos, draw and really immerse ourselves in this 540 million-year-old, awe-inspiring landscape. To try and define what the allure of the outback meant for us and why we kept returning.

The Mawson Trail
FRBB The Mawson Trail – for those who bike and walk the Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is the largest mountain chain in South Australia and the FRBB track would take us through a very tiny loop, but one that promised jagged escarpments, ancient gorges, gum lined river beds, rich red dirt and wildlife. It also promised outback remoteness and the challenges that come with that.

The Flinders Rangers By Bike trail is part bitumen road, part dirt road, part 4WD track and part mountain bike single track. The 210-kilometre track follows part of Australia’s most famous cycle trail – The Mawson Trail – but how rideable is it –  easy, technical, demanding?

Rawnsley Park – our start and end camp for the FRBB.

Bush Camping at Rawnsley Park
Bush Camping at Rawnsley Park, Flinders Rangers.

We did a final sort of our gear and wondered if we had prepared for all eventualities – bike breakdowns, sunstroke, no water en-route, thorns that would pierce an armoured tank, no cell reception, unpredictable kangaroos and emu’s plus of course Aussies famous venomous snakes, spiders and things that bite, sting and suck.

We went to sleep under a vast starry nightscape. It was clear and cold and boded well for bike riding the next day. It was also deeply quiet, our ears strained to hear beyond our breathing.

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