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Primetime Jazz Playlist 23rd June 2016 Feat. Dave Brubeck


This was the final Primetime Jazz show broadcast “live-to-air” from the North Terrace, Adelaide studios. Radio Adelaide moves to new studios over the next month. It has been a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable and talented jazz presenters at Radio Adelaide – I wish everyone well. So for my final show I picked tracks that have become my favorites over the years with a special Dave Brubeck track for my father who celebrated his birthday. I ended on a mellow, reflective piece of music from a Freddie Hubbard LP featuring the vocals of Al Jarreau.

The Playlist Featuring Dave Brubeck


  1. Sidney Bechet – Summertime (1939 Blue Note Records)
  2. Bud Powell – Un Poco Loco (Mono) (1951 The Amazing Bud Powell Vol 1 Blue Note Records)
  3. Bernie McGann with Kim Paterson – Chuggin’ (1966 1966(The Australasian Jazz Avant Garde) Sarang Bang Records)
  4. B Baker Chocolate Co – Snow Blower (1979 B Baker Chocolate Co TK Records)
  5. Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – The Summit (1960 Meet You At The Jazz Corner of the World Vol II Blue Note Records)
  6. Tubby Hayes – A Pint of Bitter (1961 Tubbs In NY Fontana Records)
  7. The Mike Nock Underground – The Squire (1971 Between Or Beyond MPS)
  8. Spacecase – Boat People (2008 Retrospective (Disc 1) Ode Records)
  9. Charlie Parker’s New Stars – Relaxing At Camarillo (1947 Dial Records)
  10. Michel Legrand – Southern Routes (2006 Sunday Afternoon At Dingwalls -Gilles Peterson [Disc 1] Ether Records)
  11. Chick Corea – Spain (1972 Light as a Feather Polydor Records)
  12. Mark Murphy – Farmer’s Market (1978 Stolen Moments Muse Records)
  13. Dave Brubeck Quartet Feat. Gerry Mulligan – Take 5 (1972 The Last Set at Newport Atlantic Records)
  14. Freddie Hubbard – Little Sunflower (1979 The Love Connection CBS Records)

Primetime Jazz Playlist – 15th June 2016 Feat. Wayne Shorter


Featuring 3 tracks from the classic Wayne Shorter Blue Note Records LP “Juju”. A cracking track from The Adelaide Big Band begins the show with new releases from across the globe including new Big Band releases in the first half an hour. New music from Rattle Records from New Zealand is always a treat and we have a release from Rodger Fox Big Band that showcases the excellent music coming from New Zealand. We have Australian avant garde Jazz covered with a track from 1966 featuring Bernie McGann & Kim Patterson.

The Playlist Featuring Wayne Shorter

  1. Adelaide Big Band – Eleanor Rigby (feat. Ian Begley & Matt Crago)
  2. The Rodger Fox Big Band – Matakana (2016 X Rattle Records)
  3. Gerard Presencer and the Danish Radio Big Band – Devils Larder (2016 Groove Travels Edition Records)
  4. Scottish National Jazz Orchestra – Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love (Featuring Kurt Elling & Tommy Smith) (2014 American Adventure Spartacus Records)
  5. Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra – Where do we go from here (2016 Fiddes vs Tinkler Rattle Records)
  6. Steffen Kuehn – Leap of Faith (2016 Leap of Faith Stefrecords)
  7. Susie Arioli – Loverboy (2016 Spring Spectra Musique)
  8. Norbert Stein & Pata Messengers – Information From The Birds (2016 Friends & Dragons Pata Music)
  9. Marty Elkins – Garbage Can Blues (2016 Walkin’ By The River Nagel Heyer Records)
  10. John Daversa – Good Day Sunshine (2016 Music of the Beatles BFMJazz)
  11. Andrew McAnsh – Illustrations – Part 2 (2016 Illustrations Self Release)
  12. Trevor Giancola – Punjab (2015 Fundamental Duplium Records)
  13. Peter Eldridge – Mind To Fly (2016 Disappearing Day Sunnyside Records)
  14. Wayne Shorter – Yes Or No (1964 Juju Blue Note RVG)
  15. Wayne Shorter – Juju (1964 Juju Blue Note RVG)
  16. Wayne Shorter – Deluge (1964 Juju Blue Note RVG)
  17. Bernie McGann with Kim Paterson – Rhythm-A-Ning (1966 1966 (The Australasian Jazz Avant Garde) Sarang Bang Records)
  18. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Moanin’ (1959 Moanin’ Blue Note Records)

Primetime Jazz 12th May Feat. Sonny Rollins


Presented by Mark Robinson featuring new jazz releases from Alex Goodman, Matthew Halsall, Mammal Hands, Dave King (he of The Bad Plus) Dee C’Rell and Tom Lellis. Also three tracks from the Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis 1956 Prestige Records release “The Complete Prestige Recordings”.


The Playlist Featuring Sonny Rollins & Miles Davis

  1. Alex Goodman – Family Breakfast (2016 Border Crossing Oa2 Records)
  2. Timo Lassy – African Rumble (2005 12 Single Ricky Tick Records)
  3. Dexter Gordon – Daddy Plays the Horn (1955 Daddy Plays the Horn Charly Records)
  4. Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces (1975 Places and Spaces Blue Note Records)
  5. Matthew Halsall – Breathless (2016 On The Go Gondwana Records)
  6. Mammal Hands – Hourglass (2016 Flora Gondwana Records)
  7. Dee C’Rell – Editing Confession (2016 Editing Confession Holm Records)
  8. Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis – Vierd Blues (1956 The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige Records)
  9. Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis – No Line (1956 The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige Records)
  10. Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis – On Your Own Sweet Way (1956 The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige Records)
  11. Deep Jazz – Mystic Sky (2016 Peace Chant – Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol.2 Tramp Records)
  12. Bernie McGann – ACNR (2012 Wending Rufus Records)
  13. Dave King Trucking Company – Parallel Sister Track (2016 Surrounded By The Night Sunnyside Records)
  14. Hard Jazz – Karmapa Chenno (2016 The Way In Is The Way Out – The Music of Murray McNabb Sarang Bang Records)
  15. Byron Morris and Unity – Tranquil Moods (1994 Live! At The East Coast Jazz Festival – Byron Morris And Unity By-Mor Music)
  16. Bill Evans – Little Lulu (1987 Compact Jazz Bill Evans Verve Records)
  17. Tom Lellis – Lucky Southern (2016 Kev Beadle presents Best Of Inner City BBE Records)
  18. Tom Lellis – The Flow (2016 The Flow Beamtide Music)

Primetime Jazz 4th May Feat. Miles Davis


Presented by Mark Robinson this week featuring 3 tracks from the 1956 Prestige Records release “Steamin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet” recorded in 1956 in two sessions and released in 1961. This LP is featured because for the month of May 2016 subscribers to Radio Adelaide go into a draw to win 14 Prestige LPs by Miles Davis. One of my favorite releases from that period is “Steamin’”. I also play new releases from Sarang Bang Records, Gerard Presencer & Danish Radio Big Band, Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra and a couple of tracks from the excellent BBE Music release “Kev Beadle Presents Inner City Records”. Quite a smorgasbord of delights!

Playlist – Miles Davis Featured

  1. Gerard Presencer and the Danish Radio Big Band – Ballad or Tango of the Misunderstood (2016 Groove Travels Edition Records)
  2. Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra – The Soulful Mr. Williams (2016 Portraits and Places Origin Records)
  3. Guillermo Klein – Suite Indiana Donna Lee (2016 Los Guachos V Sunnyside Records)
  4. Raul Agraz – Obsession (2016 Between Brothers OA2 Records)
  5. Marcos Varela – Pepper (2016 San Ygnacio Origin Records)
  6. Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott – United (2016 Return Of The East-West Trumpet Summit Origin Records)
  7. Dr Tree – Fourth World (2016 The Way In Is The Way Out – The Music of Murray McNabb Sarang Bang Records)
  8. Bernie McGann with Kim Paterson – Chuggin’ (1966 1966 (The Australasian Jazz Avant Garde Sarang Bang Records)
  9. Pram Trio – Mrs. Kim Visits the Living Room Alone (2016 Saga Thirteen Self Release)
  10. The Miles Davis Quintet – Surrey With The Fringe On Top (1961 Steamin’ Prestige Records)
  11. The Miles Davis Quintet – Well You Needn’t (1961 Steamin’ Prestige Records)
  12. The Miles Davis Quintet – When I Fall In Love (1961 Steamin’ Prestige Records)
  13. Dee C’Rell – Part 4 (2015 Farewell Northern Bird Holm Records)
  14. Leon Rosten Trio – Scattered Clouds (2016 Interpretations)
  15. Ross Hammond and Sameer Gupta – Upward (2016 Upward Self Release)
  16. Mammal Hands – Hourglass (2016 Flora Gondwana Records)
  17. Kellis Etheridge – Quickie Nirvana (2016 Kev Beadle presents Best Of Inner City BBE Records)
  18. Judy Roberts – The Other World (2016 Kev Beadle presents Best Of Inner City BBE Records)
  19. Bob Kenmotsu Quartet – 2016 I’m In Love With You (2016 I’m In Love With You Rodoken Music)

Listen Again

The show can be streamed from the Radio Adelaide website here.



Primetime Jazz Feat. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce


I go back to 1957 and feature 3 tracks from the wonderful release by trumpeter Donald Byrd and saxophonist Gigi Gryce entitled “Jazz Lab”. As well as some of my favourite older tunes I also feature several new releases firmly in the “bebop” style from Australia and around the world. There’s an electronic / rock jazz number from Melbourne 5 piece instrumental ensemble Cleverhorse that may have jazz purists slightly upset!

The Playlist

  1. Per Oddvar Johansen – Let’s Dance (2016 Let’s Dance Edition Records)
  2. Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott – Firm Roots (2016 Return of the East West Trumpet Summit Origin Records)
  3. Michael Garrick Sextet – Temple Dancer (2015 Prelude to a Heart Gearbox Records)
  4. Dave Brubeck Quartet – Blue Rondo A La Turk (1959 Time Out Columbia Records)
  5. Grant Green – Down Here On The Ground (1970 Alive Blue Note Records)
  6. Kirk MacDonald – Eleven (2016 Symmetry Addo Records)
  7. Florian Hoefner Group – Elements (2016 Luminosity Origin Records)
  8. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce – Love For Sale (1957 Jazz Lab Columbia Records)
  9. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce – Straight Ahead (1957 Jazz Lab Columbia Records)
  10. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce – Zing Went The Strings of My Heart (1957 Jazz Lab Columbia Records)
  11. Dave Stryker with Chris Potter – Impressions (2015 Messing with Mr T Strikezone Records)
  12. Bernie McGann – Which Way Up (1997 Playground Rufus Records)
  13. Cleverhorse – Fletcher & The Whirly Birds (2016 Jazzhead Records)
  14. Phronesis – 67000 MPH (2016 Parallax Edition Records)
  15. Ben Winkelman Trio – Silvia (2016 The Knife Jazzhead Records)
  16. Roxy Coss – Tricky (2016 Restless Idealism Origin Records)
  17. Tom Lellis Notes – To Self (2016 The Flow Beamtide Music)

Primetime Jazz 9 March 2016 Feat. Charlie Parker


This Wednesday I am going back to 1952 with a Charlie Parker number “Almost Like Being In Love” from the period Parker was recording with the Jay McShann Orchestra. We take a trip through to new releases from Australia, Germany and the US in a slightly new format Wednesday night show.

The show can be heard again on the Radio Adelaide website by following this link – Listen Again.

The Playlist

  1. Charlie Parker – Almost Like Being In Love (1952 Jazz Masters 28 Charlie Parker Plays Standards Verve Records)
  2. Count Basie – Duet (1957 The Complete Atomic Basie EMI Records)
  3. Stan Kenton and His Orchestra – The Things We Did Last Summer (1958 The Ballad Style of Stan Kenton Capitol Records)
  4. The Gil Evans Orchestra – Sister Sadie (1961 Out of the Cool Impulse Records)
  5. Charly Antolini – The Preacher (1966 Drum Beat MPS Records)
  6. Bud Shank – Take Five (1966 California Cool Blue Note Records)
  7. Thelonious Monk – Blue Monk (1968 The Composer CBS Records)
  8. Clarke-Boland Big Band – Griff’s Groove (1969 The Complete Live Recordings at Ronnie Scott’s MPS Records)
  9. Chick Corea – I Ain’t Mad At You (1978 Chick Corea & Lionel Hampton In Concert Legends Of Music)
  10. John Stubblefield – Going Home (1987 Countin’ On The Blues BBE Music Re-issue 2015 If Music Presents- You Need This- A Journey Into Deep Jazz)
  11. Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay (2000 New Colours Hip Bop Records)
  12. Oma Sosa with NDR Big Band – Monkuru (2010 Ceremony  OTA Records)
  13. Kristin Berardi Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra – Mr Jackson (2011 Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra Jazzhead Australia)
  14. Divergence Jazz Orchestra – Jazz Euphoria on Frenchmen Street (2013 The Opening Statement)
  15. James Morrison – A Night in Tunisia (2014 A to Z of Jazz Disc 2 ABC Jazz)
  16. Ben Winkelman Trio – Remolacha (2016 The Knife Jazzhead Records)
  17. Norbert Stein Pata Messengers – Eimal am Rande des Haines (2015 Play Maria Rilke Pata Music)
  18. Ben Winkelman Trio – Prospects (2016 The Knife Jazzhead Records)

Primetime Jazz 25 Feb 2016 Feat. Miles Davis


“Bebop & Beyond” presented by Mark Robinson. Today I go back to 1945 for some vintage Charlie Parker, to 1959 with “So What” from “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis and then bring us right up to date with several new releases towards the end of the show. I finish the 2 hours with the stunning “Adam’s Apple” from Wayne Shorter.

If you missed the show you can use the “Listen Again” feature on the Radio Adelaide website.

The Playlist

  1. Charlie Parker’s Reboppers – KoKo (1945 Savoy Records)
  2. Tadd Dameron Septet – Jahbero (1948 Jahbero Blue Note Records)
  3. Miles Davis – So What (1959 Kind Of Blue CBS Records 45rpm MFSL Remaster)
  4. Kenny Burrell with Art Blakey – Birk’s Works (1960 On View At The Five Spot Cafe Blue Note Records)
  5. Dave Brubeck – Bossa Nova USA (1963 Bossa Nova USA Columbia Records)
  6. Big John Patton and Lou Donaldson – Possum Head (1964 Possum Head Blue Note Records)
  7. Art Blakey & The All Star Jazz Messengers – Night In Tunisia (1982 Art Blakey & The All Star Jazz Messengers RCA Records)
  8. Donald Harrison – Duck’s Steps (1998 Free To Be Impulse Records)
  9. Alister Spence Trio – Marco Polo Goes West (2006 Mercury Rufus Records)
  10. Barney Mcall – Ellegua (2006 Jazz Head 2006 Jazzhead Records)
  11. 1860 Band – Porky (1976 1860 Band Kiwi Pacific)
  12. Robert Magris – Upper Manhattan Medical Group (2010 An Evening With Herb Geller JMood Records)
  13. Alan Brown – Sustainable Resources (2011 Between The Spaces ODE Records)
  14. Norbert Stein Pata Messengers – Graue Liebesschlangen (2015 Play Rainer Maria Rilke Pata Music)
  15. Allison Au Quartet – Deluge (2015 Forest Grove Self Release)
  16. Camille Bertault – Cette Nuit (Peacocks) (2016 En Vie Sunnyside Records)
  17. Aki Rissanen – Paysages Pas Sages (2016 Amorandom Edition Records)
  18. Roxy Coss – Don’t Cross The Coss (2016 Restless Idealism Origin Records)
  19. Wayne Shorter – Adam’s Apple (1966 Adam’s Apple Blue Note Records)

Next live to air shows;

  • Primetime Jazz – “Bebop & New Releases” 09-03-16
  • Primetime Jazz – “Bebop & New Releases” 17-03-16

Primetime Jazz 15 January 2016 Feat. Michael Brecker


The Radio Adelaide Primetime Jazz show for Friday evening carries the theme “What’s New”. My first show for 2016 features music released late 2015 as well as three releases from Sunnyside Records out early in 2016. There’s a track from a stunning release featuring Michael Brecker.

The music comes from artists across the globe with a special focus on the Melbourne based saxophonist Julien Wilson who, through his label Lionsharecords, released “This Narrow Isthmus” and “A Life In A Day” late in 2015. I feature releases from these two CDs on this show not only because they contain wonderful music but also as Julien will be performing in Adelaide on Monday 18th January at the COMA Sessions, Wheatsheaf Hotel.

This Narrow Isthmus” by The Julien Wilson Quartet features the following Musicians;

Julien Wilson – tenor sax & clarinet

Barney McAll – grand piano

Allan Browne – drums & cymbals

Jonathan Zwartz – double bass

The CD “A Life In A Day” is Australian alto saxophonist David Ades’ final album which was recorded in New York September 2013. The release features an 8 page booklet with liner notes, photos and art by Dave’s family and friends and features the following musicians;

David Ades – alto saxophone

Tony Malaby – soprano & tenor saxophones

Mark Helias – bass

Gerald Cleaver – drums

The radio show is available to hear again through the “Listen Again” feature on the Radio Adelaide website.

The Playlist

  1. Steve Kuhn Trio – My Shining Hour (2016 At This Time Sunnyside Records)
  2. Robert Burke – Mercurochrome (2015 Power of the Idea Jazzhead Records)
  3. Don McCaslin’s Warmth – Afro Blue (2015 The Best of Don McCaslin’s Warmth Tramp Records)
  4. The Julien Wilson Quartet – Bernie (2015 This Narrow Isthmus Lionsharecords)
  5. David Ades – Blahh (2015 A Life In A Day Lionsharecords)
  6. Alister Spence Trio – 7th Song (2015 Alister Spence Trio)
  7. Cecilia Stalin – You Are Feat. Stimulus (2016 The Love Ep)
  8. Kristin Berardi Sean Foran Rafael Karlen – Hope in My Pocket (2015 Hope in My Pocket Self Release)
  9. Harold Mabern – Billie’s Bounce featuring Kurt Elling (2015 Afro Blue Smoke Sessions Records)
  10. Aaron Diehl – Uranus (2015 Space, Time, Continuum Mack Avenue Records)
  11. Camilla Meza – Traces (2016 Traces Sunnyside Records)
  12. GoGo Penguin – All Res (2016 Man Made Object Blue Note Records)
  13. Nat Birchall – A Luta Continua (2015 Invocations Jazzman Records)
  14. Umo Jazz Orchestra with Michael Brecker – Slang (2015 Live In Helsinki 1995 Random Act Records)
  15. The Jac – The Green Hour (2015 The Green Hour Rattle Jazz)
  16. The Julien Wilson Quartet – McGod (2015 This Narrow Isthmus Lionsharecords)

Primetime Jazz – 13th Jan 2016 Feat. Duke Ellington


The Wednesday editions of Primetime Jazz on Radio Adelaide have the theme “Big Band & Swing”. I have been presenting the Wednesday show since August 2015 and have finally found a format that I enjoy and seems to appeal to the listeners who take the time to contact me during the show. Tonight’s show features a 1947 track by Duke Ellington.

I like to delve back into the LP and CD collection I have, track down artists unfamiliar to me and present in a chronological order – oldest to newest. For this show I played a few more “newer” releases in the Big Band genre and to my delight did not recieve any negative feedback.

The show can be heard again on the Radio Adelaide website via the “Listen Again” feature.

The Playlist

  1. Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra – I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (1938 I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart Decca Records)
  2. Benny Goodman and His Orchestra – Let’s Dance (1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Columbia)
  3. Artie Shaw and His Orchestra – Serenade to a Savage (1940 Serenade to a Savage His Master’s Voice)
  4. Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra – Skyliner (1940 Dance Bash Verve Records)
  5. Glenn Miller and His Orchestra – Pennsylvania 65000 (1940 Pennsylvania 65000 RCA Bluebird Records)
  6. Woody Herman and His Orchestra – Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar (1944 Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar Decca Records)
  7. Coleman Hawkins Quintet – Night And Day (1944 The Complete Keynote Collection Verve Records)
  8. Harry James and His Orchestra – Record Session (1947 Harry James Dance Parade Columbia Records)
  9. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra – 9:20 Special (1947 22 Original Big Band Recordings Victor Records)
  10. Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra – Opus One (1955 This Is Tommy Dorsey RCA Victor)
  11. The Woody Herman Big Band – Stomping at the Savoy (1963 Hey Heard The Herd Verve Records)
  12. Bill Harris And His Orchestra – Blackstrap (1950 Bill Not Phil Clef Records)
  13. The Louie Bellson Quintet ‎feat Zoot Sims – Charlie’s Blues (1990 Louis Bellson Norgran Records)
  14. Mark Murphy – Send For Me (1960 Mark Murphy’s Hip Parade Capitol Records)
  15. Ralph Burns Among The JATPs – Introspection (1965 Kings of Swing Vol II Verve Records)
  16. Joe Castro – Jeannie’s Waltz (2015 Lush Life (Disc 5) Reflection Sunnyside Records)
  17. Stan Getz – Handful of Stars (1965 The Melodic Stan Getz Metro Records)
  18. Joe Castro – All of Me (2015 Lush Life (Disc 2) Falcon Blues Sunnyside Records)
  19. Gene Krupa and His Orchestra – That Drummer’s Band (1966 That Drummer’s Band VSP Italy)
  20. Oscar Peterson  – O.P. (1994 Swingin Brass Verve Records)
  21. Joe Castro – Tea for Two (2015 Lush Life (Disc 2) Falcon Blues Sunnyside Records)
  22. Umo Jazz Orchestra with Michael Brecker – Never Alone (1995 Live in Helsinki 1995 Random Act Records)
  23. Charles Tolliver Big Band – With Love (2006 With Love Blue Note Records)
  24. Alan Broadbent & The NDR Big Band – Sonny’s Step (2014 America the Beautiful Jan Mathias Records)
  25. Frank Lacy & The Mingus Big Band – Dry Cleaner from Des Moines (2015 Mingus Sings Swing Sunnyside Records)
  26. Dave Chamberlain’s Band of Bones – Band of Bones Blues (2015 Stomp! Band of Bones Productions)
  27. Adelaide University Big Band – Theme & Variations (1994 Live in Adelaide)

Primetime Jazz Playlist – Friday 18th December 2015

Some of my favourite releases of 2015 played on the show tonight….

If you browse the Radio Adelaide website there is a “Listen Again” feature.

Radio Show Playlist

  1. Song To The Devine Mother – Nat Birchall 2015 Invocations Jazzman Records
  2. The Land Of – Mathew Halsall & The Gondwanna Orchestra 2015 Into Forever Gondwanna Records
    Sons of Thunder – The Jac 2015 The Green Hour Rattle Jazz
  3. Travellers – Keller Murphy Brown 2015 Travellers Jazzhead Records
  4. Radium – Alister Spence Trio Live 2015 Alister Spence Trio Live Self Release
  5. Slow Song – David Ades 2015 A Life In A Day Lionsharecords
  6. Mcgod – Julien Wilson 2015 This Narrow Isthmus Lionsharecords
  7. Enchanted Lady – Alan Lee 2015 An Australian Jazz Anthology Kudos RecordsA
  8. Butterfly – Brian Auger 2015 Back to the Beginning Anthology Freestyle Records
  9. Malija – Mark Lockheart 2015 Malija Edition Records
  10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Ross Hammond 2015 Reindeer Songs Self Release
  11. Hope In My Pocket – Kristin Beradi Sean Foran Rafael Karlen 2015 Hope In My Pocket Self Release
  12. Chega de Saudade – Dmitry Beavsky 2015 Over & Out Self Release
  13. Res – GoGo Penguin 2016 Man Made Object Blue Note Records
  14. Re Run – Home Kamasi Washington 2015 The Epic Brainfeeder Records
  15. Helix – Jamie Oehlers 2015 The Burden of Memory Self Release