“It’s A Jazz Thing” BayFM 17th May 2017 Featuring Pat LaBarbera


Presented by Mark Robinson, featuring new jazz releases from Pat LaBarbera, Tommy Smith & The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Nick Haywood Trio, Gerardo Frisina & Binker & Moses to name just a few. Also, a classic from Horace Silver, a stunning Latin piece from Byron Morris & Unity and a Jazz Funk masterpiece from New Zealand band Space Case.

If you are an artist, a record company (are they still called that these days?) or a promoter I would love to receive your digital files for airplay.
1. Tommy Smith & The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra – Children’s Songs (2016 Modern Jacobite Spartacus Records)

Tenor Saxophone – Tommy Smith

2. Nick Haywood Trio – Many Rivers To Cross (2017 Many Rivers Jazzhead Records)

Bass – Nick Haywood
Piano – Colin Hopkins
Drums – Niko Schäuble

3. Horace Silver – Mysticism (1975 Silver ‘n Brass Blue Note Records)

Written-By, Arranged By, Piano – Horace Silver
Acoustic Bass – Ron Carter
Drums – Al Foster
French Horn – Vince Derosa
Tenor Saxophone – Bob Berg
Trombone – Frank Rosolino, Maurice Spears
Trumpet – Tom Harrell
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Bobby Bryant, Oscar Brashear
Woodwind – Buddy Collette, Jerome Richardson

4. David Friesen Circle 3 Trio – Bright Light Sky (2016 Triple Exposure Origin Records)

Hemage Bass – David Friesen
Piano – Greg Goebel
Drums – Charlie Doggett

5. Clay Giberson – The Time For Now (2016 Pastures Sunnyside Records)

Piano – Clay Giberson
Tenor Saxophone – Donny McCaslin
Bass – Drew Gress
Drums – Matt Wilson

6. Jasshauze – Pulsar (2017 Jasshauze EBjazz Records)

Composer & Arranger, Trumpet – Eric Bolvin
Tenor Saxophone – Scott Barnhill

7. Gerardo Frisina – Olympia – Part II (2017 Blue Latin Schema Records)

Produced by Gerardo Frisina for Schema Records
Piano and Fender Rhodes – Giovanni Guerretti
Drums and Percussion – Ernesto Lopez
Trumpet – Hendrickson Mena
Bass and Double Bass – Enzo Frassi
Saxophone, Flute – Mamone

8. Dee C’rell – Headphone Walking (2015 Kompilation 1 Holm Records)

Dee C’rell – all instruments

9. Byron Morris and Unity – Panamanian Aire (1994 Vibrations In Time By-Mor Music)

Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Liner Notes – Byron Morris
Bass – Frank Clayton
Drums – Tyronne Walker
Piano, Electric Piano – Gene Adler
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Vincent McEwan
Vocals, Voice – Jay Clayton

10. Binker & Moses – Fete By The River (2017 Journey To The Mountain Of Forever Gearbox Records)

Tenor Saxophone – Binker Golding
Drums – Moses Boyd

11. Sr. Langosta – Cerdos de Cuello Blanco (2017 El Experimento Caribeño Ropeadope Select Records)

Guitar – Jorge Andres Ferreras
Keyboards – Alexandra Rivera
Percussion and Vibraphone – Timothy Cooper
Drums – Gamaliel Santiago
Electric Bass – Manuel Rodriguez

12. Space Case – Mr Gone (2016 The Way In Is The Way Out – The Music of Murray McNabb Sarang Bang Records)

Arranged By, Music Director – Murray McNabb
Bass – Bruce Lynch
Drums – Frank Gibson
Orchestra – Auckland Neophonic Orchestra
Soprano Saxophone – Brian Smith
Trumpet – Kim Paterson

13. Ross Hammond & Vinny Golia – Creek Watching (For A.A.Milne) (2016 Ross Hammond & Vinny Golia Prescott Recordings)

Acoustic 12 String Guitar – Ross Hammond
Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, G Soprano Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Vinny Golia

14. Philippe Baden Powell – Chica (2017 Notes Over Poetry Far Out Recordings)

Piano Philippe – Baden Powell
French Jazz Drummer – André Ceccarelli
Belgian jazz Vocalist – David Linx
Afro-Brazilian Percussion Master – Ruca Rebordão

15. Pat LaBarbera – Whatever Stan Wants (2007 The Power Of Beauty – A Tribute To Stan Getz 7 Arts Entertainment)

Tenor Sax – Pat LaBarbera

16. Miles Davis Featuring Sonny Rollins – Denial (1956 Dig Prestige Records)

Tenor Saxophone – Sonny Rollins
Trumpet – Miles Davis
Alto Saxophone – Jackie McClean
Bass – Tommy Potter
Drums – Art Blakey
Piano – Walter Bishop

17. Marvin Parks – Nature Boy (2017 Marvin Parks Schema Records)

Vocals – Marvin Parks
Alto Saxophone – Daniele Tittarelli
Trumpet – Francesco Lento
Piano – Pietro Lussu
Double Bass – Luca Alemanno
Drums – Nicola Angelucci
Percussion – Pierpaolo Bisogno
Guitar – Nicola Conte
Alto Saxophone – Logan Richardson
Producer – Nicola Conte

“It’s A Jazz Thing” BayFM 19th April 2017 Featuring Sunnyside Records Releases


Presented by Mark Robinson, featuring new jazz releases from Bill King Trio + 5, Beata Pater, Alexi Tuomarila, Al Muirhead, Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra, Binker And Moses, Denys Baptiste, Diego Barber, BBE Records, David Singley & Christian Scott. A couple of classics from Cannonball Adderley and Art Pepper round out the show. My featured artist this week is the record company Sunnyside Records.

If you are an artist, a record company (are they still called that these days?) or a promoter I would love to receive your digital files for airplay.

The Playlist Featuring New Releases from Sunnyside Records


1. Aron Ottignon – Autumn Leaves (1997 Manifesto Compilation 97 Tap Records)

Australian pianist and composer

2. Bill King Trio + 5 – Rhythm Express (2016 Street Talk 7 Arts Entertainment)

Bill King – piano/Hammond B-3 organ/Rhodes
William Sperandei – trumpet
Darcy Hepner – tenor saxophone
Duncan Hopkins – acoustic bass
Mark Kelso – drums
Luis Obergoso – percussion
Jorge Luis Torres (Papiosco) percussion

3. Beata Pater – Curse of the Locusts (2017 Fire Dance B&B Records)

Beata Pater – Vocals
Sam Newsome – Soprano Sax
Anton Schwartz – Tenor Sax
Aaron Lington – Baritone Sax
Scott Collard – Keys
Aaron Germain – Bass
Alan Hall – Drums
Brian Rice – Percussion

4. Alexi Tuomarila – Aalto (2017 Kingdom Edition Records)

Alexi Tuomarila – piano
Mats Eilertsen – double bass
Olavi Louhivuori – drums

5. Al Muirhead – Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (2017 Northern Adventures The Canada Sessions Vol. 1 Chronograph Records)

Al Muirhead – Trumpet
Guido Basso – trumpet, flugelhorn
Tommy Banks – piano
Don Thompson – double bass
Reg Schwager – guitar
Mike Murley – saxophone
Chris Andrew – saxophone
Campbell Ryga – saxophone
Mike Rud – guitar
Laila Biali – vocals
Ben Wittman – drums
Kodi Hutchinson – bass

6. Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra – Nefertiti (2016 Effervescence Spartacus Records)

(Miles Davis/arr. Florian Ross)
Soloist: Michael Butcher –Tenor Sax

7. ELEW – My Favourite Things (2016 And To The Republic Sunnyside Records)

ELEW – piano (Eric Lewis)
Reginald Veal – bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts – drums

8. Edward Simon – Chega de Saudade (2016 Latin American Songbook Sunnyside Records)

Edward Simon – Piano
Joe Martin – Bass
Adam Cruz – Drums

9. Binker And Moses – The Departure (2017 Journey To The Mountian Of Forever Gearbox Records)

Moses Boyd – Drums
Binker Golding – Tenor Saxophone

10. Denys Baptiste – Ascent (2017 The Late Trane Edition Records)

Denys Baptiste – tenor saxophone
Nikki Yeoh – piano and keyboards
Neil Charles – bass
Rod Youngs – drums
Gary Crosby – bass
Steve Williamson – tenor saxophone
All music by John Coltrane

11. Diego Barber – Trevenque (2017 One Minute Later Sunnyside Records)

Guitarist/composer Diego Barber, a native of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands
Ben Williams – bass
Eric Harland – drums

12. Dick Griffin – Now Is The Time (Jean-Claude ‎– You Need This: A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol 2 BBE Records)

1979 Trident Records
Dick Griffin – Trombone
Tenor Saxophone – Clifford Jordan
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Bill Saxton
Calvin Hill – Bass
Lawrence Killian – Congas, Percussion
Billy Hart, Freddie Waits – Drums
Don Smith – Flute, Piano, Vocals
Hubert Eaves – Piano

13. David Singley – Inside the Mobius (2017 Good Hope WrenSong Productions)


David Singley – guitar

14. Clay Giberson – Simple Gifts (2016 Pastures Origin Records)

Clay Giberson – piano
Donny McCaslin – tenor saxophone
Drew Gress – bass
Matt Wilson – drums
Emily Cole – violin
Julie Coleman – violin
Charles Noble – viola
Trevor Fitzpatrick – cello

15. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah – Encryption (Feat. Elena Pinderhughes) (2017 Ruler Rebel Ropeadope Select Records)


Christian Scott – Trumpet
Elena Pinderhughes – Flute

16. Cannonball Adderley – Fiddler On The Roof (1964 Cannonball Adderley’s Fiddler On The Roof Capitol Records)

Cannonball Adderley – Alto Saxophone
Sam Jones – Bass
Louis Hayes – Drums
Joe Zawinul – Piano
Charles Lloyd – Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Nat Adderley – Trumpet, Cornet
Producer – David Axelrod

16. Art Pepper – Art Pepper – Mambo De La Pinta (2004 Mosaic Select CD 1 Mosaic Select 15)

Alto Saxophone – Art Pepper
Bass – Leroy Vinnegar
Drums – Shelly Manne
Piano – Russ Freeman
Trumpet – Jack Sheldon
Written-By – Art Pepper

“It’s A Jazz Thing” BayFM 5th April 2017 Featuring Mike Nock


Presented by Mark Robinson, featuring new jazz releases from Ross Hammond, Diego Barber, Trichotomy, Azymuth and Morten Schantz. Also, classic jazz from Duke Pearson, The Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. My featured artist this week is New Zealand pianist Mike Nock.

The Playlist Featuring Mike Nock, Edition Records and Gearbox Records 

  1. Ross Hammond– Blues for Bob Feathers (2017 Follow Your Heart Self Release)

Ross Hammond – Guitars

  1. Diego Barber –Dilar River (2017 One Minute Later Sunnyside Records)

Guitarist/composer Diego Barber, a native of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands with;
Ben Williams – Bass
Eric Harland – Drums

  1. Duke Pearson – Bedouin (1964 Wohoo Blue Note Records)

James Spaulding – Alto Saxophone, Flute
Bob Cranshaw – Bass
Mickey Roker – Drums
Duke Pearson – Piano
Joe Henderson – Tenor Saxophone
Donald Byrd – Trumpet
Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer
Duke Pearson – Composer

  1. The Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet – Pavanne (1969 Live Columbia Records)

Don Rendell – Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
Ian Carr Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Dave Green – Bass
Trevor Tomkins – Drums
Michael Garrick – Piano

  1. Fuse One – Grand Prix (1980 Fuse One CTI Records)

Tony Williams – Drums
Joe Farrell – Saxophone
John McLaughlin – Guitar
Larry Coryell – Guitar
Lenny White – Drums
Ndugu – Percussion
Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion
Ronnie Foster – Keyboards
Stanley Clarke – Bass
Creed Taylor – Producer

  1. Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass – Wild Chick (1973 Waitaminute MPS Records)

Peter Herbolzheimer – Composer
Herb Geller – Alto Saxophone, Flute
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Bass, Electric Bass
Sabu Martinez – Congas, Bongos, Tabla
Art Farmer – Trumpet, Flugelhorn

  1. Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Wee Dot (1964 The Bass In The Background 1962-92 Storyville Records)

Johnny Griffin – Tenor Saxophone
Kenny Drew – Piano
Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Bass
Art Taylor – Drums

  1. Les McCann & The Jazz Crusaders – This Here (1963 Jazz Waltz Pacific Jazz Records)

Robert Haynes – Bass
“Stix” Hooper – Drums
Les McCann – Piano, Electric Piano, Organ
Joe Sample – Piano, Organ
Wilton Felder – Tenor Saxophone
Wayne Henderson – Trombone

  1. Mike Nock Roger Manins – Can’t We Be Friends (2015 Two Out FWM Records)

Mike Nock – Piano
Roger Manins – Tenor Saxophone

  1. Mike Nock Trio & NZTrio – El Testamen De Amelia (2016 Vicissitudes Rattle Jazz)

Mike Nock – Piano
Brett Hirst – Bass
James Waples – Drums

Justine Cormack – Violin
Sarah Watkins – Piano
Ashley Brown – Cello

Vicissitudes came about after Philip Tremewan (Director of the Christchurch Arts Festival) suggested to Mike Nock that he write a piece for two trios using a set of variations to show the different approaches each group might bring to the same piece of music. The idea was to combine the disparate worlds of jazz and classical music to show the strength of the human spirit when faced with seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

  1. Mike Nock Trio – An Accumulation of Subtleties (2010 An Accumulation of Subtleties FWM Records)

Mike Nock – Piano
Ben Waples – Double Bass
James Waples – Drums

  1. Trichotomy – Foran Policy – Bonus Track (2017 Known Unknown Challenge Records)

Sean Foran – Piano & Electronics
John Parker – Drums & Electronics
Sam Vincent – Bass & Electronics
Recorded at QLD Conservatorium Griffith University, Brisbane 22-26 June 2016

The new Trichotomy album is called KNOWN-UNKNOWN is out NOW through Challenge Records – available on Digital, CD, LP, score book. The band will be releasing a completely UNHEARD track from the Known-Unknown session.. It’ll come out through their mailing list FIRST and then via social media… so just onto their website and sign up to their newsletter.

Trichotomy Live Gigs
Friday, May 5th – JMI Live – Brisbane
May 19-27 – “Behind Closed Doors” – with Expressions Dance Company – QLD Performing Arts Centre

  1. Mark Murphy – Beautiful Friendship (2014 A Beautiful Friendship Remembering Shirley Horn Gearbox Records)

Curtis Lundy – Double Bass
Steve Williams – Drums
Alex Minasian – Piano

  1. Gretchen Parlato – Turning Into Blue (2009 In A Dream ObliqSound Records)

Gretchen Parlato – Vocals
Derrick Hodge – Bass
Kendrick Scott – Drums
Aaron Parks – Glockenspiel
Aaron Parks – Organ
Aaron Parks – Piano

  1. Kevin Field – Shatneresque (2015 The A List Warner Music)

Kevin Field – Piano
Matt Penman – Bass
Nir Felder – Guitar
Obed Calvaire – Drums

  1. Azymuth – Fênix (2016 Fênix Far Out Recordings)

Alex Malheiros – Bass, Electric Guitar
Ivan Conti – Drums
Kiko Continentino – Keyboards, Vocoder
Robertinho Silva – Percussion
Daniel Maunick – Synth, Percussion, Effects
Alex Malheiros, Daniel Maunick – Composers

  1. Morten Schantz – Drill (2017 Godspeed Edition Records)

Morten Schantz – Keyboards
Marius Neset – Soprano and Tenor saxophones
Anton Eger – Drums, percussion & handclaps
Morten Schantz – Composer

  1. George Benson – Breezin’ (1976 Breezin’ WB Records)

George Benson – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Stanley Banks – Bass
Jorge Dalto – Clavinet, Piano [Acoustic]
Harvey Mason – Drums
Ronnie Foster – Electric Piano, Synthesizer [Mini-moog]
Percussion – Ralph MacDonald
Phil Upchurch – Rhythm Guitar

Jazz Shows on BayFM 100.3FM

Tuesday Nights 20:00 – 22:00 Lady Jazz with Gloria Davey

Wednesday Nights 22:00 – Midnight “It’s A Jazz Thing” with me Mark Robinson

Sunday Afternoon 14:00 – 18:00 Sunday Soul & Smooth Jazz with John Diegan

And also, a show that I really enjoy and has the occasional Jazz track thrown in is Bay Drive every Tuesday afternoon with Don Fallon

Brisbane Gigs Recommended

JMI Live

10 Exhibition Street, Bowen Hills.

$10 Entry – Music from 8pm

Licenced venue – Open jam sessions

THURSDAY 13/04/17

EMO does Ellington

E.M.O. (Enthusiastic Musician’s Orchestra) is Brisbane’s premier vehicle for the composition and performance of new and exciting music for big band. With the announcement of the next Essentially Ellington festival, run in collaboration with JMI, to be held in August, E.M.O will be performing, the superb music of the master of swing, Duke Ellington.

$10 entry ~ licensed bar ~ all ages

Jam sessions from 6 pm and 10 pmJazz pianist, Sophie Min composes, educates, performs and teaches and is currently studying for her Master’s degree under Steve Newcomb, Zac Hurren and Ken Stubbs.


 Come down to JMI Live and enter your name into the draw to win a double-pass to see Bill Frisell in concert as part of the Queensland Cabaret Festival – presented by QPAC. 9 June 2017, 7:30pm

The Necks

One of the great cult bands of Australia, The Necks, will make their QPAC debut. 1 Jun 2017, 7:30pm

Chris Abrahams (piano), Tony Buck (drums), and Lloyd Swanton (bass)

Brisbane International Jazz Festival 2017 – May 26 — JUNE 4, 2017

Kenny Barron Trio Wednesday 31st May 2017

Tigran Hamasyan Friday 2nd June 2017

Brisbane Jazz Club

Brisbane Jazz Club’s 45th Anniversary – Saturday April 15, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Swing Central, featuring Brad Leaver – Sunday April 16, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

You can see Trichotomy Live at the following gigs…

Comprehensive Brisbane Jazz Gig Guide  – Jazz Music Institute

Primetime Jazz Feat. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce


I go back to 1957 and feature 3 tracks from the wonderful release by trumpeter Donald Byrd and saxophonist Gigi Gryce entitled “Jazz Lab”. As well as some of my favourite older tunes I also feature several new releases firmly in the “bebop” style from Australia and around the world. There’s an electronic / rock jazz number from Melbourne 5 piece instrumental ensemble Cleverhorse that may have jazz purists slightly upset!

The Playlist

  1. Per Oddvar Johansen – Let’s Dance (2016 Let’s Dance Edition Records)
  2. Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott – Firm Roots (2016 Return of the East West Trumpet Summit Origin Records)
  3. Michael Garrick Sextet – Temple Dancer (2015 Prelude to a Heart Gearbox Records)
  4. Dave Brubeck Quartet – Blue Rondo A La Turk (1959 Time Out Columbia Records)
  5. Grant Green – Down Here On The Ground (1970 Alive Blue Note Records)
  6. Kirk MacDonald – Eleven (2016 Symmetry Addo Records)
  7. Florian Hoefner Group – Elements (2016 Luminosity Origin Records)
  8. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce – Love For Sale (1957 Jazz Lab Columbia Records)
  9. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce – Straight Ahead (1957 Jazz Lab Columbia Records)
  10. Donald Byrd & Gigi Gryce – Zing Went The Strings of My Heart (1957 Jazz Lab Columbia Records)
  11. Dave Stryker with Chris Potter – Impressions (2015 Messing with Mr T Strikezone Records)
  12. Bernie McGann – Which Way Up (1997 Playground Rufus Records)
  13. Cleverhorse – Fletcher & The Whirly Birds (2016 Jazzhead Records)
  14. Phronesis – 67000 MPH (2016 Parallax Edition Records)
  15. Ben Winkelman Trio – Silvia (2016 The Knife Jazzhead Records)
  16. Roxy Coss – Tricky (2016 Restless Idealism Origin Records)
  17. Tom Lellis Notes – To Self (2016 The Flow Beamtide Music)

Radio Adelaide Primetime Jazz Playlist – Thursday 26th November 2015 “Be Bop & Beyond”

Listen Again to this show streamed from the Radio Adelaide website.

Presenter – Mark Robinson 7pm to 9pm – Radio Adelaide

  1. Bud Powell – Bud’s Bounce (1947 The Complete Blue Note Sessions)
  2. Jimmy Deuchar – Final Selection (1953 Showcase Jasmin Records)
  3. Max Roach & Clifford Brown – Jordu (1955 Jordu EmArcy Records)
  4. John Coltrane – Dakar (1957 Dakar Prestige Records)
  5. John Coltrane – Good Bait (1958 Single Prestige Records)
  6. Miles Davis – Freddie Freeloader (1958 Kind Of Blue Columbia Records)
  7. James Clay – Pavanne (1961 A Double Dose of Soul BBE Records Reissue)
  8. Joe Henderson – Blue Bossa (1963 Page One Blue Note Records)
  9. Jack Costanzo & Tubby Hayes – Baccanale (1961 Equation in Rhythm Fontana Records)
  10. Willis Jackson – Nutherin’ Like Thutherin’ (1964 More Gravy Prestige Records)
  11. Ronnie Scott & Alan Skidmore – A Night In Tunisia (1966 Gearbox Records 2015)
  12. Lee Morgan – Zambia (1967 Delightfulee Blue Note Records)
  13. Don Wilkerson – Camp Meeting (1966 Camp Meeting Blue Note Records)
  14. Mark Murphy – Be Bop Lives (1981 Bop For Kerouac Muse Records)
  15. John Lee & Jerry Brown – Infinite Jones (1974 Infinite Jones Keytone Records)
  16. Julien Wilson – Bernie (2015 This Narrow Isthmus Lionsharecords)

Next live to air shows;

  • Primetime Jazz – “Bebop & Beyond” 03/12/15
  • Primetime Jazz – “Swing & Big Band” 9/12/15
  • Primetime Jazz – “What’s New” 18/12/15