Short But Rewarding Rides

Not all immensely satisfying “tours” need be long in both time and distance. The pleasure of having a bike with panniers setup ready to go means spontaneous trips can be taken to shops on the bike instead of the car.

This weekend the weather here in Adelaide has been a pleasant 24 degrees during the day with light winds – perfect for a quick trip out on the bike.

We are fortunate to live in a city that cares about open spaces and cyclists, resulting in many bike paths running through parks or alongside tram, rail and road routes.

The picture below shows my bike outside our favourite Pub here in Adelaide, “The Earl of Leicester” in Parkside. The pub was built in 1886 for the 1st licensee Henry Pope who ran the pub until 1894. The external features of the pub still remain whilst inside you will not find the awful “chrome and tiles” decor of many modern establishments. The staff pride themselves in their knowledge of the many local and guest beers available, the selection of guest beers is changed frequently meaning one can try new brews on every visit. The famous “Liar’s Bar” has amusing photos and quotations from some of the most famous (infamous?) liars in history (think mostly politicians) and the Schnitzels are legendary amongst Adelaide foodies. A highlight for me is the “Beer Legends Club” – a right of passage that will take me through 100 hand picked brews and when finished will see my name displayed on the “Beer Legends Board”.

Friday Evening at the Pub


I mentioned above the cycle paths that criss-cross Adelaide. I use the Mike Turtur Bikeway everyday for either commuting to work or for pleasure rides to Glenelg Beach. Yesterday morning I picked up the bikeway at the the junction of Albert Street and Goodwood Road and followed it’s pleasant course alongside the City-Glenelg tram to the beach suburb of Glenelg. There is a favourite cafe of ours – The Broadway Kiosk – just south of Glenelg Jetty that is a favourite spot for cyclists, joggers and dog owners. The dog friendly cafe, excellent coffee and delicious cakes (as well as fine cafe style main dishes) ensure the cafe is popular on weekend mornings. The picture below shows a rather grey and chilly scene as I took a strong flat-white and contemplated life yesterday morning. A very comfortable and pleasant 24km round trip and yes I did use the panniers to pick up fresh bread and mushrooms on the way home.

Sometimes those short rides and as rewarding as multi day trips.

Glenelg Beach Cafe 20-11-15

You can check out the Glenelg Beach ride here.

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