Primetime Jazz Radio Shows

Mark has a career in radio broadcasting going back to 2004 in New Zealand and Australia. Mark began as a “fill-in” DJ on the Auckland radio station GeorgeFM presenting “Afrodesia” on a Tuesday night on several occasions. Obviously Mark impressed those with power and influence and was soon offered a highly coveted slot of 2pm to 4pm every Sunday afternoon. “It’s A Jazz Thing” had been established by Andrew Dubber several years before. Mark merely followed a well established format.

After relocating to Melbourne (as nomads do) Mark presented on PBS106.7FM.

And so, this brings up to Adelaide. Mark is now a member of the “Primetime Jazz” team presenting three, two hour shows each month covering “Big Band & Swing”, “Bebop & Beyond” and “What’s New”. More information can be found at the Radio Adelaide website with “Listen Again” and playlists posted on the site.

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