Jackie McLean Lights Out

Primetime Jazz 17 March 2016 Feat. Jackie McLean


A focus on new releases from around the world as well as some old classics. I start the show with “Moanin’” from 1958 by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and bring us up to date with 2016 releases from Europe and the US. I feature 3 tracks from alto saxophonist Jackie McLean 1956 release “Lights Out!”. For the next several editions of this show I will be playing tracks from a wonderful compilation put together by UK DJ Kevin Beadle – some of my favourite “Jap Jazz” and Jazz Funk tunes of all time.

The Playlist

  1. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – Moanin’ (1958 Moanin’ Blue Note Records)
  2. Dan Blake – The Lonely Liar (2016 The Digging Sunnyside Records)
  3. Carlos Vega – A Confluence In Chi-Town (2016 Bird’s Ticket Origin Records)
  4. Camille Bertault – Quoi De Plus Anodin (Empty Pockets) (2016 En Vie Sunnyside Records)
  5. Norbert Stein and the Pata Messengers – Einmal am Rande des Hains (2016 Play Rainer Maria Rilke Pata Music)
  6. Ark Ovrutski Quintet – Good & Terrible (2016 Intersection Origin Records)
  7. Andre Fernandes – Chifre (2016 Dream Keeper Edition Records)
  8. Barry Harris Trio with Sonny Stitt – KoKo (1958 Burnin’ Jazz Beat Records)
  9. Ben Winkelman Trio – Silvia (2016 The Knife Jazzhead Records)
  10. Mike Nock Trio – Beautiful Stranger (2010 Accumulation of Subtleties FWM Records)
  11. Alan Ferber – Clocks (2016 Roots & Transitions Sunnyside Records)
  12. Pram Trio – Treptower Park (2016 Saga 13 Self Release)
  13. Jackie McLean Quintet – Up (1956 Lights Out Prestige Records)
  14. Jackie McLean Quintet – Lights Out (1956 Lights Out Prestige Records)
  15. Jackie McLean – A Foggy Day (1956 Lights Out Prestige Records)
  16. Hiroshi Fukumura & Sadeo Watanabe – Hunt Up Wind (2016 Kevin Beadle Presents Inner City Records)

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