Sonny Rollins & Miles Davis

Primetime Jazz 12th May Feat. Sonny Rollins


Presented by Mark Robinson featuring new jazz releases from Alex Goodman, Matthew Halsall, Mammal Hands, Dave King (he of The Bad Plus) Dee C’Rell and Tom Lellis. Also three tracks from the Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis 1956 Prestige Records release “The Complete Prestige Recordings”.


The Playlist Featuring Sonny Rollins & Miles Davis

  1. Alex Goodman – Family Breakfast (2016 Border Crossing Oa2 Records)
  2. Timo Lassy – African Rumble (2005 12 Single Ricky Tick Records)
  3. Dexter Gordon – Daddy Plays the Horn (1955 Daddy Plays the Horn Charly Records)
  4. Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces (1975 Places and Spaces Blue Note Records)
  5. Matthew Halsall – Breathless (2016 On The Go Gondwana Records)
  6. Mammal Hands – Hourglass (2016 Flora Gondwana Records)
  7. Dee C’Rell – Editing Confession (2016 Editing Confession Holm Records)
  8. Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis – Vierd Blues (1956 The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige Records)
  9. Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis – No Line (1956 The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige Records)
  10. Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis – On Your Own Sweet Way (1956 The Complete Prestige Recordings Prestige Records)
  11. Deep Jazz – Mystic Sky (2016 Peace Chant – Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol.2 Tramp Records)
  12. Bernie McGann – ACNR (2012 Wending Rufus Records)
  13. Dave King Trucking Company – Parallel Sister Track (2016 Surrounded By The Night Sunnyside Records)
  14. Hard Jazz – Karmapa Chenno (2016 The Way In Is The Way Out – The Music of Murray McNabb Sarang Bang Records)
  15. Byron Morris and Unity – Tranquil Moods (1994 Live! At The East Coast Jazz Festival – Byron Morris And Unity By-Mor Music)
  16. Bill Evans – Little Lulu (1987 Compact Jazz Bill Evans Verve Records)
  17. Tom Lellis – Lucky Southern (2016 Kev Beadle presents Best Of Inner City BBE Records)
  18. Tom Lellis – The Flow (2016 The Flow Beamtide Music)

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