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Hello Mate!
Hello Mate!

So many places to visit, so many cycle trips to do, so many cycle paths to follow. Here are a few cycling adventures you may want to investigate further…

South Australia – Flinders Ranges By Bike

Flinders Ranges in the northern region of South Australia is the gateway to the Australian Outback. Within this region is a 210-kilometre bike path that can be tackled by the mountain bike athlete in a day, or by the cycle tourist at a more leisurely pace. Here is our adventure in this magical place.

South Australia – Adelaide to Willunga Return

We took a 2-day return trip from Adelaide to Willunga all on bike paths. Read all about it…

South Australia – Around Adelaide

The South Australian capital city of Adelaide offers fantastic climate and geography for cycling. The Torrens River runs some 18 kilometres from the CBD to the beach, Adelaide Hills is a location for the Tour Down Under and has some challenging climbs. The city and surrounding suburbs are relatively flat and bike paths abound. Here are a few routes you may want to investigate for yourselves.

Mike Turtur Bikeway and Marino Rocks Circuit

Short But Rewarding Rides Around Adelaide