Mike Turtur Bikeway and Marino Rocks Circuit – Adelaide

A 38.9km ride on a very pleasant spring afternoon in Adelaide takes me along the Mike Turtur Bikeway to Glenelg, then south to the start of the Marino Rocks Greenway ride back to the city.

Check out the stats and map on the Garmin Website here.

The bikeway is sprinkled with quirky works of art along it’s length that keep riders entertained.

Mike Turtur Bikeway Chain Link People and Dog 29-11-2015 12-43-10 PM

A “chainlink” couple take their “chainlink” dog for a walk above.

Mike Turtur Bikeway Bicycle Art 29-11-2015 12-55-10 PM

This collage can be seen in the section just after the Morphetteville Race Track.

Gene The Giraffe
Gene The Giraffe

Standing Tall On Surf-Ari – A Sculptor by Chris Murphy

I still have no idea why this giraffe is here. The plaque reads….

“Hi my name is Gene The Giraffe. I was created on 20th January 2014 at Blue Temper Ironworks Middleton. My internal frame is made of round bar and 215 patches were hand cut and shaped to make my legs, head, body and my cheeky smile.” 

Mike Turtur Bikeway Bike Service Station 29-11-2015 1-00-57 PM

The cycle path ends at the junction of Brighton Road and Jetty Road at Glenelg some 15km from the city centre. From here follow Jetty Road down to Mosley Square where the tram terminates. Here you will find a vibrant cafe and resturant pedestrianised square perfect for a rest before tackling the beachfront path south to Marino Rocks.

At this point you can of course point your front wheel north and follow the cycle path some 25kms as far as Port Adelaide. We will leave that for another day though as we continue south.

Mike Turtur Bikeway Mosley Square Glenelg 29-11-2015 1-05-54 PM Mosley Square

Mike Turtur Bikeway Glenelg Beach Jetty 29-11-2015 1-08-09 PM Glenelg Jetty

Approximately 2km south of Mosley Sq will bring you to a funky little cafe situated right on the waterfront. The cafe is popular with cyclists and dog walkers alike. Very popular on weekend mornings, I can vouch for the quality of the coffee.

Glenelg Esplanade Kiosk Cafe 29-11-2015 1-14-56 PM

The beachfront esplanade ride south of the cafe is very pleasent and offers stunning views along the coast as far as the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

Glenelg to Brighton Looking South 29-11-2015 1-21-00 PM

You can of course elect to drop down onto the sand if the tide is out. Not recommended on a swish road bike however. There is something extremely satisfying about riding on the sand with a warm breeze at your back.

Glenelg to Brighton Beach Ride 29-11-2015 1-27-05 PM

The area around Brighton Jetty offers good value cafe and resturant dining with a fine pub (or hotel as the Ozzies say) right on the front. You may even be rewarded with a sighting of local dolphin cruising past the end of the jetty.

Brighton Jetty
Brighton Jetty

From Brighton Jetty the bike path turns inland through back streets of Brighton and Marino but as no less interesting.
More to come…….

Radio Adelaide Primetime Jazz Playlist – Thursday 26th November 2015 “Be Bop & Beyond”

Listen Again to this show streamed from the Radio Adelaide website.

Presenter – Mark Robinson 7pm to 9pm – Radio Adelaide

  1. Bud Powell – Bud’s Bounce (1947 The Complete Blue Note Sessions)
  2. Jimmy Deuchar – Final Selection (1953 Showcase Jasmin Records)
  3. Max Roach & Clifford Brown – Jordu (1955 Jordu EmArcy Records)
  4. John Coltrane – Dakar (1957 Dakar Prestige Records)
  5. John Coltrane – Good Bait (1958 Single Prestige Records)
  6. Miles Davis – Freddie Freeloader (1958 Kind Of Blue Columbia Records)
  7. James Clay – Pavanne (1961 A Double Dose of Soul BBE Records Reissue)
  8. Joe Henderson – Blue Bossa (1963 Page One Blue Note Records)
  9. Jack Costanzo & Tubby Hayes – Baccanale (1961 Equation in Rhythm Fontana Records)
  10. Willis Jackson – Nutherin’ Like Thutherin’ (1964 More Gravy Prestige Records)
  11. Ronnie Scott & Alan Skidmore – A Night In Tunisia (1966 Gearbox Records 2015)
  12. Lee Morgan – Zambia (1967 Delightfulee Blue Note Records)
  13. Don Wilkerson – Camp Meeting (1966 Camp Meeting Blue Note Records)
  14. Mark Murphy – Be Bop Lives (1981 Bop For Kerouac Muse Records)
  15. John Lee & Jerry Brown – Infinite Jones (1974 Infinite Jones Keytone Records)
  16. Julien Wilson – Bernie (2015 This Narrow Isthmus Lionsharecords)

Next live to air shows;

  • Primetime Jazz – “Bebop & Beyond” 03/12/15
  • Primetime Jazz – “Swing & Big Band” 9/12/15
  • Primetime Jazz – “What’s New” 18/12/15




Short But Rewarding Rides

Not all immensely satisfying “tours” need be long in both time and distance. The pleasure of having a bike with panniers setup ready to go means spontaneous trips can be taken to shops on the bike instead of the car.

This weekend the weather here in Adelaide has been a pleasant 24 degrees during the day with light winds – perfect for a quick trip out on the bike.

We are fortunate to live in a city that cares about open spaces and cyclists, resulting in many bike paths running through parks or alongside tram, rail and road routes.

The picture below shows my bike outside our favourite Pub here in Adelaide, “The Earl of Leicester” in Parkside. The pub was built in 1886 for the 1st licensee Henry Pope who ran the pub until 1894. The external features of the pub still remain whilst inside you will not find the awful “chrome and tiles” decor of many modern establishments. The staff pride themselves in their knowledge of the many local and guest beers available, the selection of guest beers is changed frequently meaning one can try new brews on every visit. The famous “Liar’s Bar” has amusing photos and quotations from some of the most famous (infamous?) liars in history (think mostly politicians) and the Schnitzels are legendary amongst Adelaide foodies. A highlight for me is the “Beer Legends Club” – a right of passage that will take me through 100 hand picked brews and when finished will see my name displayed on the “Beer Legends Board”.

Friday Evening at the Pub


I mentioned above the cycle paths that criss-cross Adelaide. I use the Mike Turtur Bikeway everyday for either commuting to work or for pleasure rides to Glenelg Beach. Yesterday morning I picked up the bikeway at the the junction of Albert Street and Goodwood Road and followed it’s pleasant course alongside the City-Glenelg tram to the beach suburb of Glenelg. There is a favourite cafe of ours – The Broadway Kiosk – just south of Glenelg Jetty that is a favourite spot for cyclists, joggers and dog owners. The dog friendly cafe, excellent coffee and delicious cakes (as well as fine cafe style main dishes) ensure the cafe is popular on weekend mornings. The picture below shows a rather grey and chilly scene as I took a strong flat-white and contemplated life yesterday morning. A very comfortable and pleasant 24km round trip and yes I did use the panniers to pick up fresh bread and mushrooms on the way home.

Sometimes those short rides and as rewarding as multi day trips.

Glenelg Beach Cafe 20-11-15

You can check out the Glenelg Beach ride here.

Primetime Jazz Radio Shows

Mark has a career in radio broadcasting going back to 2004 in New Zealand and Australia. Mark began as a “fill-in” DJ on the Auckland radio station GeorgeFM presenting “Afrodesia” on a Tuesday night on several occasions. Obviously Mark impressed those with power and influence and was soon offered a highly coveted slot of 2pm to 4pm every Sunday afternoon. “It’s A Jazz Thing” had been established by Andrew Dubber several years before. Mark merely followed a well established format.

After relocating to Melbourne (as nomads do) Mark presented on PBS106.7FM.

And so, this brings up to Adelaide. Mark is now a member of the “Primetime Jazz” team presenting three, two hour shows each month covering “Big Band & Swing”, “Bebop & Beyond” and “What’s New”. More information can be found at the Radio Adelaide website with “Listen Again” and playlists posted on the site.